Blocked Drains Specialist

Clearing blocked drains with our high quality water pressure jetter.

Unblocking Drains
has never been easier

Howarth Plumbing provides blocked drain services throughout the Central Coast

How a jetter works to unblock a drain

Once the blockage is located accurately, the nozzle of the jetter is fed via hose to butt right up to the blockge.

Then using high water pressure in multiple directions, the specific nozzle is able to dislodge and flush the blockage.

A blocked drain can be caused by

  • Tree roots
  • Crushed pipes under vehicle tracks
  • Gradual build-up of grease and small kitchen waste
  • One main large item, catching smaller items to cause a complete blockage

The jetter nozzle is designed to propel and rotate against the blockage til it clears:

How a Water Jetter Works

Water Jetting Equipment

For best results, a camera will locate the blockage accurately first. Our truck is equipped with both.

For fast unblocking in a single site visit, call Howarth Plumbing.

Potential Offenders

  • Tree roots
  • Leaves
  • Foreign flushed objects
  • Human hair and buildup

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When Traditional Methods don’t work

Jetters are not the only way to clear drains. There are older methods, like plungers and pokers.

But when blockages are deep, difficult, or urgent, the best option is the latest technology in drain clearing: Howarth Plumbing’s water jetter.

Multiple plunger representing superior drain unblocking ability

A blocked drain can cause

  • Poor performance of sinks
  • Water damage during overflows
  • Gurgling sounds when draining
  • Odour from sinks and drains
  • Some embarrassment
Blocked Drain Diagram


Howarth Plumbing know how important it is to deal with blockages quickly, completely, and with dignity.

That is why we invest in the latest technology of drain camera and jetter equipment.

Nothing beats the feeling of arriving onsite, finding and fixing blockages in record time. We deal with blockages that others can’t locate.

And the jetter cleans the drain as it goes, minimising the risk of future blockages.