For a new house or a renovation, we are plumbers who can install all pipes, taps, and drains for your project. Even the kitchen sink! We work well with owner-builders, contractor and project managers. We are happy to fit into the timing of your project and time tasks to suit other trades.


Any new bathroom installation must be done with speed to minimise down time. Yet it cannot afford any shortcuts or errors. We work quickly, without cutting corners. We stay til the job is finished. And we have a well-defined process to make certain it all gets done right. Howarth plumbing make it easy when juggling trades in your new bathroom.


For digging trenches and laying pipes, Howarth Plumbing have an excavator perfect for manoeuvering around job sites. It is available for hire with or without a driver or the plumbing team.


When building in an area with gas supply, you don’t want to miss the opportunity for cheap, efficient heating options. You need competent gas fitters to connect from the street to the outlets in your new home. Call Howarth Plumbing for new gas connections to your home. And for connecting gas appliances.