Blocked drains need to be dealt with quickly so you can get your household back on track. We understand that. We have well trained staff and the best equipment on the Central Coast for unblocking drains in a single visit (including CCTV camera state-of-the-art water jetter un-blocking hose).

And to top it off, we have a 24-hour emergency availability. So for anything from a simply fix (like grease build-up or a child’s toy), to complex blockages like tree roots or plaque build-up, Howarth Plumbing can rescue you from a blocked drain emergency.


Ever got home to find your bathroom floor covered in water? Or water flowing down your front step? There’s not much more horrifying than a sudden burst pipe. Will it cause expensive damage? How long til we can use it again? Turn off the water immediately. And call Howarth Plumbing. With our 24-hour emergency call out service, we put our mind at ease the damage is mitigated and the path to recovery is fast.


There may be issues with a toilet overflowing or not flushing at all.

You want to make sure what gets put in there goes down and stays down.

One of our plumbing professionals will work to identify the problem and solve it quickly, once and for all.