From choosing a new style of system, to the make & model; from removing the old heater, to plumbing up the new one correctly; you need it all to happen fast! Howarth Plumbing help you make informed decisions, and get your household back on track quickly.

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Gas stoves are very efficient, with improved performance over conventional ovens. They heat faster, and can drop to lower temperatures for simmering. They are not affected by blackouts. If your home has the option then we highly recommend the gas stove option. To install a gas stove you need a licensed gas fitter. Howarth Plumbing can install your gas stove or oven quickly and easily.


Gas heaters dry and heat whole rooms for a fraction of the running cost of electric. Gas heaters are among the best available for performance. If you want easy warmth the doesn’t make you stress about the bill all winter, get Howarth Plumbing to install a gas heater in your home.


Whether replacing or installing a new dishwasher, make the process easy with a licensed plumber, Howarth Plumbing will hook it up to water supply and ensure it is draining correctly. So you are ready to use it without headaches on day one.


Howarth Plumbing are happy to assist ensuring your washing machine is installed with no drips or leaks. We also make sure it is draining nicely, with no risk of overflow and with minimal interference on your laundry sink.


New fridges with built-in water coolers and ice makers need water supply & drainage. Save yourself the hassle and give these advanced machines the attention they deserve. Hire Howarth Plumbing to effectively install your new pride and joy.