A blocked drain can build up slowly or suddenly. When you do notice symptoms, act quickly to minimise disruptions to your household.

Whether it’s a toilet, sink or stormwater pit, blockages need to be dealt with quickly to avoid further damage.

Howarth Plumbing have extra high-tech gear dedicated to clearing drains. So if the source of the blockage is difficult to access, we can clear it in the same visit. With CCTV we can locate the location and the nature of the blockage.

And our dedicated drain jetter can go right to the source and clear it using targeted water pressure.


Faucet washers often wear out, Once they start, the will worsen over time. Ironically, tightening them harder only accelerates the leak. It’s an easy fix for a plumber. Give Howarth Plumbing a call for a friendly service and we’ll gladly take a look at all your faucets to give assurance that everything is in good order for the future. Fixing taps is a common DIY project. But don’t stress about calling a plumber. Being quick and easy for some home handymen means it is SUPER easy and affordable to hire Howarth Plumbing. We stock high quality washers, to give confidence for durability. And our tool set includes wrenches that can loosen everything, no matter how impossibly tight it might seem.


Pipes can get a build-up of plaque from carrying away greywater and blackwater year after year. This can cause a loss of performance, gurgling, unpleasant smell, and an increased chance of blockage. It’s kind of like cholesterol for your drains. Our drain water jetter cleans the inside surface of the pipes along their full length. It does this with high water pressure, and gives back the confidence in your home.